Roots Bedrock

Roots Bedrock is a WordPress boilerplate that provides a foundation for building WordPress websites and applications. It is a part of the Roots WordPress stack, which also includes the Trellis development environment and deployment toolkit and the Sage WordPress starter theme.

Bedrock is designed to improve the security and maintainability of WordPress projects by following modern development practices and standards. It provides a structured directory structure and a set of tools and libraries to help developers build and manage WordPress projects more efficiently.

Some key features of Bedrock include:

  • Improved security: Bedrock includes a number of security-enhancing features, such as removing the ability to edit WordPress core files, separating the WordPress database from the web root, and using encrypted passwords for database connections.
  • Dependency management: Bedrock uses Composer, a dependency manager for PHP, to manage WordPress plugins and themes as well as other PHP libraries. This makes it easier to update and manage dependencies and helps to ensure that projects are using the latest versions of the required libraries.
  • Environment-specific configurations: Bedrock allows developers to define environment-specific configurations, such as database settings and API keys, which makes it easier to manage different environments (e.g., local development, staging, production) without having to maintain separate copies of the codebase.
  • WordPress multisite support: Bedrock supports WordPress multisite, which allows developers to create and manage multiple WordPress sites from a single installation.

Overall, Bedrock is a powerful foundation for building WordPress websites and applications. It is widely used by WordPress developers to improve the security and maintainability of their projects.