Roots Trellis

Roots Trellis is a development environment and deployment toolkit for WordPress websites. It is a part of the Roots WordPress stack, which also includes the Bedrock WordPress boilerplate and the Sage WordPress starter theme.

Trellis is designed to make it easy for developers to set up and manage WordPress development environments and deployments. It uses tools like Ansible, Vagrant, and Composer to automate common tasks and provide a consistent, repeatable workflow for managing WordPress projects.

Some key features of Trellis include:

  • Development environment: Trellis provides a development environment that can be easily set up and configured using Vagrant. It includes a local development server, a local MySQL database, and a local copy of WordPress, allowing developers to work on their projects locally.
  • Deployment automation: Trellis provides tools and scripts for automating the deployment process, making it easy to deploy code changes to staging and production environments.
  • Security and performance: Trellis includes a number of security and performance features, such as SSL support, automatic updates, and caching, to help ensure that WordPress websites are secure and perform well.
  • WordPress multisite support: Trellis supports WordPress multisite, which allows developers to create and manage multiple WordPress sites from a single installation.

Overall, Trellis is a powerful tool for managing WordPress development environments and deployments. It is widely used by WordPress developers to streamline their workflows and improve the maintainability of their projects.